Start small, but start

Without action, your dream will dry up and blow away

Define your purpose and determine your target

Figure out how you can address their needs

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Provide free information

People like to try before they buy, so devise a way they can experience your talent or product

However, only give away something of genuine value, otherwise you just prove you don’t have anything worth paying for

Be visible

Write articles, give presentations, share information

Participate in blogs, make comments and interact

Go multimedia with videos, webinars, podcasts and clips

Believe in yourself

You don’t need to know everything

You need to be knowledgeable, willing to learn and open to new ideas

You can do this!

Believe it!

Expect to be criticized

Some people say if you aren’t being criticized, you aren’t trying hard enough

There will always be detractors and critics

Handle them like a professional, and don’t let them affect you

Be honest

The public has developed a very cynical lie detector, and if you try to deceive, you will lose your credibility

Nothing is more difficult to regain than someone’s trust

Always be honest about your skills, your promises and your capabilities

Stay informed

Know what your competitors are doing

Stay up-to-date on new developments in your field

Share ideas with others who practice innovation

Never Stop Learning

Your doctor may have graduated at the top of his class, but if that’s the last time he learned a new technique, you could be in trouble

No one knows it all, and the best and brightest are constantly educating themselves.